Development Program

UMIG offers its members a 6 week long development program that covers practical elements of investing, finance, and
accounting not typically discussed in classrooms to help prepare them for investment banking, trading, and equity research
interviews. UMIG leverages the experience of its veteran members who have interned on Wall Street to develop a one-of-a-kind
program that develops these practical skills early on in a student’s academic career. While the Development Program focuses
on freshman and sophomore students, the Program is open to all and is free of charge.

Spring 2016 Curriculum

Week 1

Introduction to Capital Markets and Wall Street Careers

Week 2

Identifying High Quality Businesses: Competitive Advantage and Capital Allocation

Week 3

Accounting Fundamentals: Revenue and Key Value Drivers

Week 4

Valuation: Scenario Analysis as a Tool

Week 5

Research Process for Fundamental Equity Analysis

Week 6

Thesis Construction and Research Report Writing

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